The argus.backends.tempest.manager Module

class argus.backends.tempest.manager.APIManager

The APIManager for interacting between modules.

Manager which uses tempest modules for interacting with the OpenStack API.


Cleanup any credentials created during the initialization.


Create a new keypair with the given name

This will return a new Keypair object, which provides access to the public, private key pair, as well as a method for destroying the keypair if needed.


Get the MTU value, from the backend.

instance_output(instance_id, limit)

Get the console output, sent from the instance.

  • instance_id – The id of the instance for which the output will be retrieved.
  • limit – Number of lines to fetch from the end of console log.
instance_password(instance_id, keypair)

Get the password posted by the given instance.

  • instance_id – The id of the instance for which the password will be returned.
  • keypair – A keypair whose private key can be used to decrypt the password.

Get more details about the given instance id.


Get the primary credentials.

Get the underlying:class:tempest.common.isolated_creds.IsolatedCreds.


Reboot the instance with the given id.

class argus.backends.tempest.manager.Keypair(name, public_key, private_key, manager)

A keypair container.


Destroy the current keypair.